Kris Heig

Compliance Manager

Kris Heig_200Kris’s uses his strong attention to detail as well as the knowledge and experience he has gained in almost 18 years in the industry to improve overall client experience and processes.

Kris graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and started working at TD Ameritrade shortly after that.  In almost 18 years of service with TDA, Kris worked in a variety of roles that included Complaint Resolution, Order Routing, Compliance and Branch Supervision.

Kris has four children, ages 24, 14, 12, and 9, and spends most of his time running his kids to different sporting events.  He has helped coach all four kids in basketball and baseball, and occasionally gets in a round of golf.

Getting to know Kris

Favorite food: steak

If Kris could meet anyone, it would be: Michael Jordan

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving (he loves all of the food and family getting together)

Place Kris would most like to visit: Hawaii

What motivates Kris: Helping his kids be better people and teaching them things in life.