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Congratulations! As a Millennial, your generation recently surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest generation on the planet. You’re not only the most technologically savvy, but also the most educated generation, and as a group, you continue to make rapid strides in your careers and financial circumstances.

However, as you’ve probably figured out by now, managing your life and finances takes time and is not without its challenges, especially when balancing emotions, information overload, biased advice and personal experiences affect your daily decisions. 

So why isn’t there’s an app for that? 

Technology can help you to a point, but when it comes to a comprehensive, proactive plan, a computer program will miss several angles. 

Health websites have been around for decades now, but you still go to the doctor, right? You know that the doctor has the specialized knowledge needed to effectively deal with whatever is wrong. A few minutes Google searching can give you some idea, but with a life issue as serious as your health, you don’t want to go on a hunch. 

Finance is the same.


You can research, read and speculate, but a financial advisor will have the knowledge and experience to give you the deeper answers you need.


You could find better ways to bring in more money, and better ways to protect what you have. 

Just as a medical website is going to give you textbook, general answers, so financial software like a robo-advisor will give you one-size-fits-all outcomes. A one-on-one with a real advisor who knows you can give you perspective and help you see blindspots never possible with a number-crunching program. 

You wouldn’t diagnose yourself without a doctor, so don’t go into the complex world of finance without a guide.

Working with a Financial Planning firm can:

  • Help you save time 
  • You can focus on the things that are important to you
  • Help you make better financial and life choices 
  • With less things distracting you, your Financial Planner can help keep you working towards your goals
  • Equip you to make well-informed decisions 
  • Your Financial Planner will focus on educating you and preparing you for the various stages of life

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As you’ve probably figured out by now, managing your life and finances is not without its challenges, especially where balancing college debt with home ownership and other important goals like saving for retirement are concerned. So why isn’t there’s an app for that? There is, sort of, but we’ll get into that in more in this guide.

Whether you’re building your first million dollars or adding to it, it’s important to understand both the basics and responsibilities of managing YOUR wealth.

Robo advisors can only get you so far, solidify your financial future NOW. 

Who Do We Serve?


The Baby Boomers are retiring, Generation X is cautiously storing their money away, now it’s you – the Millennials born between 1981 and 1996 – who generating and accumulating wealth.

Philanthropic Investors

Our goal is to put all the ways of planning for generosity on the table to make sure you know all your options to better the world.

Successful Individuals & Families

We can help you find your way through these confusing charts and schedules – what to pay special attention to right away, and what can be ignored at the moment.