The Envelope Budgeting Trick

Chloe Quigley, Business Exit Planning Advisor   Money impacts many parts of our lives and teaching your kids about financial planning starts with identifying and sharing your family values and goals around money. A tangible way to teach kids this is through a lesson my Dad taught me as …

Business Owner, Now is the Time to Talk to an Advisor

Chloe Quigley, CEPA, Business Exit Planning Advisor It’s come up in a few conversations lately, so I wanted to address it head on – as a business owner, when is the right time to learn about how to maximize the sale of your company?

What’s My Wealth Gap?

Chloe Quigley, CEPA, Business Exit Planning Advisor Before you sell your business, you and your family need to know if you’re prepared financially. Here are some things to think about.

The Three Components of a Successful Business Exit Plan Strategy

Chloe Quigley, CEPA, Business Exit Planning Advisor What’s the most important thing when selling your business? Certified Exit Planning Advisors know that there are three equally important components of an exit plan:

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