Business Owners

We know what it’s like to own a business, build it up, and plan for its future. But this takes focus and experience.

Do You Know These Statistics?

  • Only 20% of businesses that go to market actually sell
  • 80% of business owners have no formal transition plan
  • 85% of a business owner’s net worth is in their business

Our priority is to help you develop and implement a written plan that makes you feel secure, confident and excited about the next chapter – for you, your loved ones, and your business; at the same time, increase your profitability.

Do you know your gaps?

Understand, identify and address these three areas to work toward your goals:
Profit Gap
Are you turning the same profit as businesses that are best-in-class in your industry?
Value Gap
Is your company worth what it should be at maximum capacity?
Wealth Gap
Would you have what you need to live comfortably if you left the business today?

You have a lot on your plate.


You need to be sure to look through an additional lens. You know your business, but you may not know how to eliminate these gaps. Our goal is to come alongside you, creating and acting on a plan to increase your profits and the value of your company while maintaining your core values and working towards your long-term goals.

Take a moment to think about the impact of closing these gaps. Increased profits. Higher valuation. A more successful future.

While we’re helping you think about the future, we’re also going to help you increase your revenues and protect what you have built now.


Our process incorporates relationships with strategic partners to take you all the way through business valuation to identifying opportunities and risks. We will see your transition through its sale and into the next act of your life, while working towards your financial, personal, and business goals.

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