A few winters back a friend invited my Dad to roll up his sleeves and make a difference at Feed My Starving Children. As a father of three, I am fortunate that my Dad used this opportunity to open Jersey and Piper (his granddaughters/my girls) to a life outside their bubble. Heading to FMSC the girls kept asking, “What’s in it for us?”

Three generations.
From four households.
United in one cause.
Attempting to change thousands of lives.


That night they experienced what it is to give unconditionally. It was a lesson that only life experience can teach. You can’t find this lesson in a book, hear it in a speech, or from watching television. It’s a funny thing…On the way home they never mentioned their previous question.

It’s clear what started a few years earlier, had now started to spread throughout the family. This year Tracy (my wife), both of her parents, her brother, both of my parents, all three of are children, and myself spent the morning of December 26th making a difference.

Years from now when we reminisce about the Christmas of 2014 the gifts we bought each other will elude us all. What we will remember is the day we chose to volunteer.

Here is the inside secret about giving…  When the work is done, it’s you who receives the most. ~ Mike L.


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