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What Fees Are You Paying In Your 401(k)?

Published by Micah Schmidt,

If you are like many workers in the Unites States, your employer offers a defined contribution plan such as a 401(k) or 403(b) as a part of the benefits package. As you look to direct how investments are made within your account, it is important to consider all fees involved along with investment performance to determine the best allocation choice for you. Read more



Share Buybacks: A Good Alternative?

Published by Bob Loewens

Often I have questioned whether it is best for a company to grow earnings per share (EPS) through stock repurchase programs or from re-investing to support higher demand for their products. I have gone so far as to wonder if less emphasis should be placed on buyback driven EPS increases. However, I have come to realize that these efforts can be very attractive to long term results. Read more


4 Powerful Yet Simple Keys to Retirement Planning

Published by Mike Schudel

There is clearly a disconnect happening in America: there is so much focus on retirement planning yet we hear stories and statistics that suggest many do not feel prepared for this important transition in their lives. Likely, this is a result of a number of factors including the overwhelming amount of information available, widely disparate views on how to plan for retirement and a focus more on the complexities of retirement planning rather than the essential basics. Read more


Reviewing and Updating Your Estate Plan

Published by Ben Goethel

While I no longer prepare estate plan documents, as a former practicing estate planning attorney, I know how important it is to review your estate plan with regular frequency and at least as often as every three to five years. It’s also good practice to review your estate plan after any life events, such as the birth of a child. Read more


Don’t Treat Your Home Like A Cash Cow

Published by Ron Carson

Almost everyone once thought of their house as their largest and safest investment—until the bubble burst.

For generations, prudent “savers” would put sizable chunks of their incomes into their homes. Read more