Meet Chloe


Chloe’s focus on the BWM team is aligning a business owner’s business plan with their family’s personal financial plan. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Chloe’s expertise is walking alongside a business owner and their family in a structured process that works to optimize their business and personal outcomes at the time of a transition.

With a B.A. in Justice and Peace Studies and Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Georgetown University, Chloe’s focus has been on sustainable development through microfinance and entrepreneurship. She believes that there is power and courage in capital and one of the best ways to have this courage is through business creation and ownership. Prior to joining Barrington Wealth Management, Chloe worked as a Business Development Associate for a startup financial data company. During that time, she developed a keen understanding of niche investment opportunities for socially responsible investors.

Growing up, Chloe watched her Dad work hard to grow BWM. She jokes that the business is like a member of the family – always there, growing and developing alongside everyone else! From watching her Dad run the business to now being a part of it, Chloe sees how a business owner’s business needs to be protected, developed and harvested like any other asset. She has a heart for working with other family businesses and those passionate about international service and justice.