Meet Garrett


Garrett is focused on providing the families of BWM with comprehensive financial planning, which is why he became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in 2020. Becoming a CFP® means more than just a couple letters at the end of Garrett’s last name. Being a CFP® means acting with honesty, integrity, competence, and diligence and putting the client’s interests first.

Garrett’s priorities at BWM center around the family. Participating in family meetings, constant communication via email or over the phone and helping families make well-informed decisions are just some of his responsibilities. Garrett sees the value in having an office that is extremely family focused. This is why he, Jim and the rest of the team work together to make sure their approach is one that encompasses the whole family’s financial goals and priorities.

Garrett realizes families and individuals come to find BWM at all different stages of life. This includes young professionals who are just starting to identify what their financial goals are.  Garrett is passionate about empowering these young and successful professionals as they begin their journey to wealth.

Furthermore, service is something Garrett has always been passionate about. When he lived in New York City, he was active within Hope for New York ( and the Bowery Mission (, and now he is a board member of an organization that was founded by the Quigley family called Hope’s In ( He runs the Hope’s IN Internship program alongside the CEO & Director of Hope’s In. This program is comprised of high school students from the Barrington/Chicagoland area who want to grow as humanitarian leaders. He comes from a family of seven so serving and caring for others is something he has a lot of experience with.

Garrett is honored to be serving the clients of Barrington Wealth Management and hopes to continue to do so in the future. Below are a couple of Garrett’s favorite articles posted on the Barrington Wealth Management website: