Garrett McGovern


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Garrett McGovernGarrett just recently graduated from Fordham University in Bronx, New York. Focusing his studies primarily around Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Garrett joined Jim’s practice in 2016. Since then he has been focused on client communication as well as improving their clients overall experience online.

Garrett’s job is to provide clients and industry professionals with relevant and interesting information. Barrington Wealth Management is centered on providing its clients with the best overall experience and that includes providing information on a consistent basis. On top of providing clients information throughout the week, he is currently studying to be a CFP®. Garrett believes that becoming a CFP® will allow him to serve the families of Barrington Wealth Management at a much greater capacity. He sees the value in having an office that is extremely family focused. This is why he and Jim work together to make sure their approach is one that encompasses the whole family. This approach focuses on the needs and goals of every member.

Furthermore, service is something Garrett has always been passionate about. When he lived in New York City, he was active within Hope for New York ( and the Bowery Mission (, and now he is a board member of an organization that was founded by the Quigley family called Hope’s In ( He comes from a family of seven so serving and caring for others is something he has a lot of experience with. Garrett is honored to be serving the clients of Barrington Wealth Management and hopes to continue to do so in the future.

Below are a couple of Garrett’s favorite articles posted on the Barrington Wealth Management website: