Meet Jennifer


Jennifer is a licensed life, disability and health insurance agent/broker.  After moving to Chicago from California to pursue a Masters in Christian Education, she joined Jim’s practice in 1989.  

Running from building to building was her first experience with Chicago winters.  Being a full time mom for 18 years, Jennifer recently rejoined the company to work full time. 

Service is our number one priority. Her job is to provide attention and support to our clients and their families. The fact that we still serve the same families after 18 years of hiatus is a great testimony to our relationships with our clients. 

Jennifer is married to Jim and has four children: JD, Courtney, Ashley and Chloe.  She is active in charities focused on compassion: International Justice Mission and Kids Around the World.  However, she spends significant time serving the organization founded by her family

She has been involved in the PTO at Barrington 220 in many different roles and has been active in the Barrington community for the past 25 years.