Meet Jim


Jim is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, who has been providing financial advice to affluent families and business owners since 1988. Jim has been self-employed in the financial industry since age 22, and founded Barrington Wealth Management (BWM) in 2007 to better serve clients’ planning and investment needs.

His qualifications, experience, and ability to listen and understand objectives enable him to provide appropriate guidance. Using his experience, he helps individuals and businesses implement quality, unbiased solutions that align their planning with their vision.

“Enrich Your World,” clearly means different things to different people, and it often changes throughout a person’s life. Routinely it means working toward financial security and helping accomplishing material goals, but often times it means even more. It can mean helping others, pursuing a calling, making life changes, or battling challenges. Jim states that what he loves most about his job is that he gets to help people do just that. His job feels so fulfilling that he truly enjoys coming to work every day to spend time with families that become very important to him personally.

From the beginning, Jim has known that no one has all the answers. It is important to develop a qualified team to serve families with the highest level of care. Over the years Jim has developed a strong network of professional advisors in a wide variety of planning areas including business exit planning, estate, tax, liability management, personal coaching, college counseling, philanthropy, and many others.

In 2006, BWM became a partner firm of Carson Group Partners who adds incredible bench strength, resources, and support to our local team. Together, we take great pride in the quality planning and service we provide to families and businesses we serve. BWM focuses on working with business owners and aligning their personal and business planning. It is important that a business owner focuses on how to increase the value of their business, who the potential buyer types are, and what makes their business attractive. Exiting a business successfully is not a given, and BWM walks alongside businesses owners to help them get ready for a successful sale that aligns with their personal and financial plans. BWM and the BWM Team, care about service and philanthropy and the causes that are important to others. When appropriate, we want to learn more about the causes our families hold close to their heart so we can help them incorporate those causes into their life planning, tax planning, and estate planning.

Jim is happily married to Jennifer. Together, they have one grandson, Miles and four married children J.D. and Amy, Ashley and John, Courtney and Garrett, Chloe and Grant. Jenn, Garrett, Ashley, and Chloe are all team members at BWM. In 2012, his family formed Hope’s In,, an organization dedicated to equipping future humanitarians through service in Guatemala. Jim now serves as board president. They travel annually to Guatemala and have been joined by more than 500 clients and friends to build over 50 homes, serve at risk women, provide medical support, and serve the special needs community in Guatemala City. He is also supportive of many other organizations related to justice and poverty including and BWM embraces the charitable causes of the families he serves through BWM.