Meet Jim


Jim is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, who has been providing financial advice to affluent families and individuals since 1988. Jim founded Barrington Wealth Management in 2007 to better serve clients’ planning and investment needs. 

His qualifications and ability to listen and understand objectives enable him to provide appropriate guidance. Using his experience, he helps individuals and businesses implement quality, unbiased solutions that align their planning with their vision. 

“Enrich Your World,” clearly means different things to different people, and it often changes throughout a person’s life. Routinely it means working toward financial security and helping accomplishing material goals, but often times it means even more. 

It can mean helping others, pursuing a calling, making life changes, or battling challenges. Jim states that what he loves most about his job is that he gets to help people do just that. His job feels so fulfilling that he truly enjoys coming to work every day to spend time with families that become very important to him personally. 

From the beginning, Jim has known that no one has all the answers. It is important to develop a qualified team to serve families with the highest level of care. Over the years Jim has developed a strong network of professional advisors in a wide variety of planning areas including estate, business, tax, liability management, personal career coaching, college coaching for high school students, philanthropy, and many others. 

Becoming a partner of Carson Group Partners provides incredible bench strength, resources and support. Our local BWM team takes pride in the service and planning they directly provide to the families that rely on them. Together, they are a strong team with a concern for the needs of the families that partner with them. 

Barrington Wealth Management is excited to move further into the opportunity of social responsibility.  It is consistent with the values of everyone on our team and is in alignment with the families we serve.  When appropriate, we want to learn more about the causes our families hold close to their heart so we can help them incorporate those causes into their life planning.  

Jim is happily married to Jennifer and has four adult children and a son in law: J.D., Ashley, Courtney, Chloe and Garrett. Together in 2012, his family formed Hope’s In,, an organization dedicated to equipping future humanitarians through service in 3rd world countries where he now serves as board president. 

They travel annually to Guatemala and have taken over 400 clients and friends along over the years. He is also supportive of many other organizations related to justice and poverty including Kids Around The World, International Justice Mission, and Potter’s House Association International. More and more he is embracing the charitable causes of the families he serves through BWM.  

Over the years, he has been active in Rotary, Barrington youth sports and other family related activities.


What motivates Jim:

Doing his best every day.

Favorite Neighborhood in Chicago:

Streeterville where he lives and works

Favorite Food:

Lou Malnati’s pizza with pepperoni and giardiniera  

Bucket-List Item:

To see more success for the children in Guatemala

How will you
enrich your world?

The first step is always the hardest, so we’ll make it easy. Set up a complimentary consultation so we can get to know each other, and look at how our team can help you plan for your priorities. It all starts with a simple conversation.