Meet Sarah


Sarah graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a B.A. in Psychology, and a minor in Sociology. Her genuine care and commitment to improving the lives of others has led her to many different work settings – a nonprofit working to end multigenerational poverty, managing a yoga studio, and most recently, supporting equitable community development projects in Colorado. Each experience has allowed her to serve the team she is a part of, while growing and evolving as an individual.

Sarah’s mission is to make a positive and lasting difference within her sphere of influence. As a connector, listener, and someone who likes to get things done, she is always keeping an eye out for the people and places around her. Spending time in nature, walking her dog, and continuing to practice and teach yoga allow Sarah to truly engage with her environment.

Her goals within her role at Barrington Wealth Management are to:

  • Be a consistent and grounding team member.
  • Lead with trust and honesty, leaning into the unknown to grow through changes together.
  • Have a keen eye on details to ensure a seamless and accurate flow of information.


What motivates You:

Being of service within my sphere of influence and allowing myself to grow and evolve in the process.

Favorite Place to Visit:

Nature... especially near water!

Favorite Food:


Bucket-List Item:

To complete a yoga teacher training in Thailand.

How will you
enrich your world?

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